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Paul & Barbara Taylor, Owners

1340 E Covell Blvd Ste 105
Davis, CA 95616


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Visit us for all your in-home and at-work water dispensing needs

24/7 VENDING  |  DISTILLED 70¢, REVERSE OSMOSIS 50¢ & ALKALINE (COMING SOON) - Bulk & Student Discounts Available In-Store

Bottles, dispensing crocks, stands, accessories, cooler repair, RO systems and our Distilled or Reverse Osmosis drinking water, purified on-site.

Our Mission as a retail purified drinking water store is to provide our loyal customer base with the best product available alongside personable and knowledgeable service. 

With the 33 year tradition of producing Distilled and Reverse Osmosis drinking water comes a responsibility to understand and educate our local, community oriented customer base on current water conditioning process technologies.


H2O To Go opened in 1986 and was purchased by Paul and Barbara Taylor in 2014.