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Call for Current Pricing and Availability : 530-753-1440

We are a local retailer and currently do not ship our products.


5 Gallon Italian Glass (Carboy) Made in Italy

3 Gallon Italian Glass (Carboy) Made in Italy

1 Gallon Glass

1/2 Gallon Glass

BPA Free Plastic

5 Gallon BPA Free

5 Gallon BPA Free Wide Mouth

3 Gallon BPA Free Tall

3 Gallon BPA Free Stubby

2 Gallon BPA Free Fridge Cube

1 Gal BPA Free Fridge Cube

2 Gallon BPA Free

1 Gallon BPA Free Round

3 Gallon BPA Free Fridge Cube

1 Gallon BPA Free Square


5 Gallon PC

5 Gallon PC Wide Mouth

3 Gallon PC Tall

3 Gallon PC Square

2 Gallon PC

3 Gallon PC Fridge Cube

2 Gallon PC Fridge Cube

1 Gallon PC Round

1/2 Gallon PC w/Handle


Stripe - Blue

Stripe - Green

Stripe - Black

Solid - White

Solid - Blue

Solid - Green

Solid - Black

Embossed - Grape Band

Embossed - Grapes

Embossed - Fruit Band

Embossed - Sunflowers

Embossed - Vegetable Basket

Embossed - Lilies

Embossed - Vegetables

Embossed - Apples

Embossed - Pink Roses

Embossed - Pandas

Embossed - Rooster

Glass Crock - Hearts

Design - Cottage House

Design - Ivy

Design - Cactus

Design - Love Birds

Design - Sunflowers

Design - Strawberries & Lemons

Design - Topiary

Design - Dolphin Gold

Design - Forget Me Not

Design - Tropical Birds


3-Step Metal - White

3-Step Metal - Black

3-Step Metal - Green

3-Step Wood - White

3-Step Wood - Black

3-Step Wood - Green

Tall Wood - Natural

Tall Wood - Blue

Tall Wood - White

Tall Wood - Green

Tall Wood - Black

Tall Wood - Cherry

Short - Natural

Short - Blue

Metal Tilt-Stand w/ nozzle - Snap or Screw Cap

Short - White

Short - Green

Short - Black

Short - Cherry


NEW Bottle Hauler - Glass Carboy Carrier - 1, 3 & 5 Gallon - Assorted Colors

Dolphin Pump

Crock - Lid

Crock - Ring

Replacement Spigot - Assorted Colors

Snap Caps - 55mm Tear-Off

Snap Caps - Re-Usable - Assorted Colors

Screw Caps - 38mm, 48mm, 53mm, 100mm & 110mm

Bottle Neck Carrier - Navy

Bottle Neck Carrier - Green

Easy Load No-Spill - Snap Cap or Screw Cap

3M Reverse Osmosis System - SQC-3

SQC-3 - Replacement Pre Filter

SQC-3 - Replacement Membrane

SQC- Replacement Post Filter