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Paul & Barbara Taylor, Owners

1340 E Covell Blvd Ste 105
Davis, CA 95616


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New Pricing Structure - Better Discounts!

Barbara J Taylor

We are updating our pricing structure on March 1st, 2017. Distilled (DS) water is now 70¢/gallon and Reverse Osmosis (RO) is 50¢/gallon. Customers with Water Cards purchased before March 1, 2017 will have 90 days (3/1- 5/31) to buy up to 200 gallons at the current card rates. Our new Water Card structure will now offer customers larger discounts, up to 10% off!

H2O To Go / Davis has made a number of equipment and infrastructure improvements over the last 18 months in order to ensure the highest quality purified water in Davis. (We LOVE giving equipment room tours!) We thank everyone for their support the last 31 years and hope to be here for many more.

Please feel free to contact us during store hours with any questions.

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